Live For This

At times I am regaled by life and its many setbacks and such. The loss of a job, a bad situation, whatever. How many of us take the time to BE THANKFUL for what we have? Are we the accumulation of the things we own, or are we the people we claim we are? In all you do, are you dedicated to it? Or is it just a means to keep the lights on and steaks in the freezer? Cuz I promise you that in everything in life, there will be hardships, setbacks… Especially for you readers who like lifting like I do… Don’t you love it? The initial pain of a weight you haven’t lifted in a while… the exhilaration of lifting it… and having conquered it, laughing like you have conquered a foe… and don’t you HATE injuries? In 2011, I had so many things wrong with me, it was like I was a zombie. I basically was… but God healed me… and now I am looking and feeling great… I love the gym.. love lifting… love being big… in some ways, I live for it… other guys live to impress, others live to drink, others live to be d-bags…


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