Brutalness Personified


Today was a very strong day… had a great time. Plenty of motivation to work out… Me, when motivated, is a sight to behold. I was loving it… Lifting heavy, hard, and fast. Ya get the rush of blood, speeding through your veins… Your heart is beating out your chest… You’re on the edge of either lifting sick amount of weight, or collapsing right where you stand… that is living. The past few months have been rife with lotsa drama, strife. It’s great to once again hit the gym with regularity… ImageHaving the time of my life in the gym… All the drama, all the pain, all the time spent not working out, having to heal. Not to mention constant aggravation, etc. My God healed me… and Ima take it to the max… He died so that we can live.

My real motivation is having the typa body I always wanted… brutally strong, but quick as a cat… I am integrating speed training and jump training real soon… Also, to get all the things I have missed (personal training licensing, various other things I will reveal in due time). Glory be to God in the highest!!!




As I get older, I am starting to appreciate things more… not all the hustle and bustle of ‘trying to get somewhere in life’… Things are starting to make sense for me. Even with all the nonsense going on, all the idiocy encircling me at times.. Remebering the good times, remembering God’s goodness and His grace. I have become thankful for life. I can honsetly say that.


‘You find out who you are when you are in the desert’- Mike James

I can tell you this much… life and lifting are a lot alike.. in so many ways. The struggle to get the weight lifted, however heavy it is… But once you get it done… there’s an appreciation for it. I think all men who are doers, worth their salt, appreciates the discipline, the struggle… the hardness. Though it hurts. I was like that for a calendar month… in the desert.. got to ‘air myself out’. To fill myself out. I was loving it. More or less, I ‘let my freak flag fly’… LOL. In the desert, there is an eerie calm… no distractions, no nothing. It’s serene, yet intimidating. Life can be a lot like that. I have seen many a season in life like that. Life tends to be like a desert… When times are good… no rain, no thunder… but in an instant, it can go south. Like with a flash flood, life can overwhelm you… makes things unbearable. This is where a routine, a regular activity like weightlifting can be a saving grace… in the desert, you can see the mountaintops… you can see the city sometimes- but do we have the guts to climb that mountain, from the plain, to the valley, to the mountaintop, that summit… Then onto the city. We must have the heart, determination, courage to get it done. If not, we are fooling ourselves.


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