The Drive to Succeed


It’s been said ‘from adversity comes the drive to succeed’. With that being said, I look back, seeing battles won, battles lost. All the so-called friends falling off. Everything happens for a reason… I see adversity as an opportunity to see just who you are. Like I have said before, so many folk have UNPRECEDENTED opportunities available, but they never ever get there because of their fears. Because of their unbelief in themselves. Adversity is a part of life. There’s no avoiding that. In this life, you will have adversity come and go- but what you do with it separates the real winners from the losers. 

Also, adversity has a way of molding, shaping us as individuals… either for the better or worse. Most of us end up being adversely affected by life’s trials and tribulations simply because we either don’t know any better or we are weak at the time. For instance, remember when you didn’t make the team in junior high? I remember that… you either shrank from it or you worked harder… Michael Jordan didn’t make the team one year… and he willed himself to be the best competitor he could be. He is now regarded as the best athlete that has ever lived. In your head, does the thought ever come that you may be close to getting what you want from life, or do those thoughts ring of hate, anger, pain or resentment and bitterness? I know I had to make changes in my life in this area, because I was lacking in this area. We must learn to overcome… like our lives depend on it- because it does.


‘A mountain ain’t nothin’ but a big-@ss hill’- Mike James

Obviously, we have to be honest with ourselves in the area of the intangibles- and you can start NOW. Because with this, you can’t dress it up in fine clothing, perfume it up, etc. You have to work at this. Reality ain’t always the truth. Your problems may tell you ‘you’re worthless’, ‘you suck’, ‘you don’t have what it takes to make it’… but you have to ‘press in, press on and press through’. Learned this the hard way. We must persevere. Failure in life is not an option. There must be elements of ruthlessness when it comes to life. You either beat it or it beats you. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas once said, ‘They’re gonna beat you. Just don’t give ’em the sticks to beat you with’. From what I’ve seen in life, trouble looks for you. Trouble don’t care who it gets. In my view, it is the universal condition of humankind… from terrorism to the inevitable complications of aging, we must understand that if we ever are going to win in life, and be winners, we are going to have to remember that adversity, trials and tribulations are going to happen. It’s how we deal with it that counts.


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