Guess I’m still in amazement over how I have been healed… I was really impressed by what I did yesterday, I cut my workout short. God has really done a work in my life, especially when it comes to my health. A strength workout… should NOT have you laughing, yelling and screaming in the gym… LOLImage 

A four-hour workout was cut in half… Here is what I did…


DB Flyes 3X20 superset with wide pushups

Cable crossovers


Rope pushdowns 3X12-18 (at varying weights- I done 200 lbs on my last set)

Skullcrushers 2X18

And there you have it… this has been a part of my life, a part of my lifestyle since I was 12… Love working out, running, all that. I love the pain, the strain- even when your muscles gas out and lock up…

everything about it I love (gonna be getting my trainers’ license back and see what I can do with that)


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