Training… Teaching, and the thrill of it all

If I never said it on here, I was a personal trainer (1998-2002). Never really did anything with it… one of the few things I regret… I had a golden opportunity… pissed it away. But to see how my God has turned things… another chance to get this thing back… though time is something you can never get back… we CAN get back on track- the trick is to STAY on track…

I have a few ideas of how I can take this thing… but the main thing is, Ima be enjoying what I do, interacting with people, and being myself… Glory be to God!!!

The class will be a 12- month course for a certificate… I will flip that into the 18-mth Associate’s Degree in this… cuz I’m 35 now… not very much time for me to waste (wife, daughter- and I hear they like ‘steaks in the freezer’ LOL). I have been praying, plotting, planning, etc on how to go about padding my resume, so to speak… but I will say this… I am excited about this… very excited….

Cardio... December 31, 2011



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