Is Fitness a Reality?

One look in all the major mags… stick-thin, airbrushed models… the male models… I don’t know whether to give them ‘dap’ or try to introduce em on ‘Interactive Male’… LOL

Fitness seems to be more of an airbrushed, post-pubescent dream instead of a WAY of life…

For instance, so many people in general are caught up in having a look… that rail-thin look.

That look makes them look like cancer patients… but because of our PC, gynofied society we live in.. anything slim, petite, looking boyish, almost like a pre-pubecsent boy… will be exalted.

It is almost like everything we have been taught as people about fitness hasbeen turned on its head. Like everything is a joke. I personally have rededicated myself to getting back in shape (this time for real) and making sure I am THE BEST…

For me, nothing beats being BIG, STRONG, IMPOSING… and quick as a cat.

Running hard, fast and well… while still able to out-muscle everyone around me.

What are your goals? What do you want to do?

Is fitness a reality for you?


2 thoughts on “Is Fitness a Reality?

  1. Thanks for sharing this post. It is very easy to fall for a look (“that rail thin look”). To a certain extent it’s healthy to care about your appearances…but how much do appearances matter in the big picture of good health overall? Hopefully that question makes sense…

    • Not much for me… a healthy weight, form, function, and overall satisfaction/happiness with em are my barometers for fitness… I’m 5-11 235… I want a look of overpowering, brutal strength…

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