VAE VICTIS: Paradise Reconquered

Today… I have re-entered school to be a personal trainer. This time, since I know what can happen, I will do something wih it.

Making it happen

I have been in SERIOUS talks with supplement manufacturers, companies dealing with incorporating us… this is one of the greatest experiences I have been involved in- seriously.

I am ALWAYS THANKFUL to the Most High God (His name is Jehovah… and MOSES is His prophet)… especially in days like these. Exciting times… somewhat mundane, boring times (at least at work LOL).

Staying the Course

It’s never easy to overcome things… if it were not forthe grace of God, I would not be here, tapping happily on these keys… life is tough. Life reminds me of a fight. I have long been convinced of that. Life is a fight. You fight everything, everyone.  You fight yourself, your will, your vices…

Life is not very flexible. I dare say we as people re not nearly as tough as we think we are….

Now, the workout….

I did the 300 workout this past weekend… it put yer boy down… for real.

pull-ups X25



box jumps (on a bench or 24-in box) X50

floorwipers X50 @135 lbs

kettlebell/DB clean and press X50

pullups X50

240 lb guys doing this are major marvels of science… LOL

this workout is great… I love it.

Til next time…

God Bless all of you (Jesus Christ IS LORD)


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