Time Management

Time management systems are seductive. They lure you in with the promise of greater productivity, more free time, faster income generation, and higher self-esteem. And some of those benefits may indeed be realized. However, another possibility is that your system becomes a distraction that prevents you from achieving real gains. You find yourself investing more and more time in meta-activities like getting organized, prioritizing objectives, and learning the latest productivity software. Actually doing the tasks that your system is designed to manage becomes almost an afterthought… perhaps even an annoyance. Instead of helping you increase productivity, your system becomes a means to disguise low productivity. This is a common problem for people who haven’t yet identified a purpose for their lives. The system provides the illusion of productivity, but when you strip it down to its bare essence, you find it’s a house of straw. There’s nothing there. When you sum up all the tasks, they amount to nothing but busywork and trivialities. Whether or not they actually get done is of little consequence in the grand scheme of things. In the long run, no one will care anyway. If you find yourself in this situation, you’ve simply lost sight of the real purpose of time management


One thought on “Time Management

  1. Excellent post. Really good points. It’s when we don’t have purpose and passion…that’s when confusion and worry comes up. And/or that’s why we work so hard to control ourselves to force us to “be productive.”

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