Making History

This week marks the start of a few things… school with PCI (Personal Trainer license), several other things (businesswise of course), and new workouts (FST-7)… staying up late, constantly reading, etc… makes for a interesting time at work!

Now, the workout (ed note: FST-7, created by Hany Rambod, is a super intense workout in which the last exercise of a body part is 7 sets… insane pump)


Close-grip Bench: 3X 8-12

Dips (weighted/machine): 3X8-12

Overhead cable extension: 7X8-12

*Skullcrushers: 7X8-15


Incline DB Press: 4X8-15

Incline DB Flye: 3X8-15

DB Press: 3X18-21

Cable Crossover: 7X18-25


Leg Extension: 4X12

Squats: 4X5-8

Leg Press: 3X6-8


Seated DB Press: 4X15-18

DB/BB Front Raise: 3X12-15

DB Lat Raise: 3X18-20


ED NOTE: * denotes alternate exercise



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