Ebb and Flow

In my 35 years, I have seen ONE constant in life: change. The ebb and flow of life- always changing. Never really count on anything staying set for long… you can be sure it will change or disappear. Look at history. I’m pretty sure the Romans thought they would never have hard times, struggle, or frustration. After all, they were Romans. Time brings change, change comes with time. Sure enough, through weak leadership, countless civil wars, usurpations, whatever- the Roman Empire crumbled form within. It split in 395AD, never to unite again. The Western half fell in less than 100 years. The Eastern half (called the Byzantine Empire) lasted until 1453 AD (til it was taken over by the Ottoman Empire). Enough of this history lesson, LOL. The gist of it all is change is the main constant in life. Never be satisfied, never tell yourself that ‘things will always be like this/that/other’, because it never will be. Things change, people change (if they truly want to).

So many have lost everything because of them being obstinate, unwilling to change. Don’t make that same mistake so many have. Whatever the issue, wherever the area, change is inevitable, and most of the time it is what’s best. So many times, we fear the unknown, or we have a good thing going, so we don’t want the good times to end. Change, due to age, physical attributes (or the lack thereof), social situation/classification… can be a toss-up. But never fear change. It is a part of life.


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