Recently, after praying, I found that I have had very strong visions. I have really vivid, lucid dreams. Like once, I was in church… I saw myself growing out of my skin.. like I was the Hulk or something. Even with MY imagination and vision, that amazes me… I really have been more focused than probably I have ever been. I am definently more intense. In any case, I am ready to get things started. I am driven (or how one old Pantera album said, ‘Far Beyond Driven’), determined, dedicated and agitated- to get things done.

What things, you may ask? Businesses (more on that in the weeks to come), my family (daughter due August 14th 2012), getting my trainer license (2013), maybe even dabbling in radio and tv. For the first time in a long time, I am happy, optmistic and energized.

In all intents and purposes, I am ready to take on the world- but without God in the mix, it’ll be for nought. As said in the Bible, ‘without Me you can do nothing’ (John 15:5). Don’t make the mistake of not putting God first in your life.

til next time


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