Strength Beyond Strength

Ok, doing a lot of work. But I know I must do more. Having being blessed like I have been, it is imperative that I take the necessary steps to prosperity. More workouts, more business dealings, more reality. I have nothing more to do with weakness (in any form).

I must find my path. I must have liberty. I will exude strength beyond strength. I am entering into a very important period of time in my life, so this will be the impetus for my growth and accomplishment.

til next time


4 thoughts on “Strength Beyond Strength

    • seriously though- I have so much inside I really want to share with the world. And I am not stopping til EVERYONE hears what I really have to say. Starting February 1, 2013.

      • I believe you!!!! I know you have a lot to give!! It’s so awesome to see someone who really knows what he’s got inside of him and really wants to reach out and help others. Keep going. I have no doubts.

  1. Took me 34.5 years to get it down pat (Thank God I don’t look my age LOL). Also, with that experience, I have seen so much, so many times where we should be capitalizing- but we procrastinate, we falter, get down in the mouth, down on ourselves… and we quit. When we have very winnable situations (the situations we clamor for in the first place)

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