L’Homme Machine (Man is a Machine)

Yes, I took that title from LaMettrie, the French philosopher/humanist (1709-1751). I have been infatuated with that quote ever since I saw it as a young man back in the early 2000s. I have been growing in so many ways that I cannot contain my happiness. So I spread it to others. With school, work, family taking up a lot of my days and nights, I don’t blog nearly as much as I have been accustomed to doing. I do enjoy showing the world a peek inside my life (as I have been doing since November 2011). I have stepped back a bit because of the intensity and the necessities of my life at this moment. I have learned so much about myself, and what went into making me (for good, bad and ugly of it all). So many of us have had hard lives because we haven’t learned to change the insode of us- because that’s what’s going to last once we get old, fat, not what we used to be in our prime. So many of us have been brainwashed into accepting what the world tell us about ourselves. What the world says about us should be irrelevant. The things that should matter as far as this is concerned is what YOU say about you… and what the Creator of all things says about you in His Word. Bottom line, whatever people say about you should never be taken as gospel. How many times have we disqualified ourselves from the things we really wanted in life because of that last statement. I have been reading up on this sort of thing. One book, ‘Telling Yourself the Truth’, talks of ‘Misbelief Therapy’. Powerful stuff. For those of you in this audience who are not Christians, this is a book written by Christian therapists. It does, however, have great content for all. Like with the Misbelief Therapy. You take what has been spoken into your life, what you have accepted, and you challenge it, you root it out- thus killing the grip of your ‘demons’… all based on Biblical precepts. Now… on the ‘flipside’, I must say, the classes I am in, talk of the same things. Self-talk is one key to freedom in life. I loved it. Reminds me of the days I was in the ministry (2002-2007), and I would speak on some of the same subject matter. I wholheartedly encourage all of you to look into this, and see what it can do for you. Self-talk is basically telling yourself what you want from yourself, affirmations (think Stuart Smalley on SNL in the mirror) and destroying strongholds that have held you back through negative self-talk and a negative outlook on life.

I know this stuff works, simply because I have used it. As a younger man, I was severely depressed, tried suicide three times, even had a NDE. Looking back, I had a severe case of negativity, a ‘loser mentality’ that went unchecked (even with counseling as a youth)… I look back and I wonder just how far I could have gone if I had learned these truths early on in life… or was taught this in school. In any case, just was wanting to share this with my wonderful blogosphere audience. Til next time, MJ



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