There’s Something About These Early Mornings

Almost 4AM here… I normally wake up around this time…me being in the military, that’s a fact of life. I wake up a lot… like God keeps telling me, “There’s more work you gotta do- I’ve given you everything to succeed… don’t throw it away”.

Early morning prayer… early morning workouts… prove to me that this is essential in success, both personally and spiritually. The first thing you do once your feet touch the floor… for most of us, it means taking a leak, showering, shaving, etc… in my case… more and more, it means getting back to basics, having an appreciation and respect for the times when nothing is going on, no one is calling/bugging you- wifey, kids are asleep.. just you, your thoughts and the your Maker. And that’s something I appreciate more and more as I get older… them “oldheads” had it right…


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