The Cold Winds of Change

CHANGE. That word invokes a lot of feelings for me. When I was young, I hoped and prayed for it. I felt I was in a barren wasteland. And I was. Where I was, no real opportunities to advance. Just crime and sadness. When I finally grew up, I saw everyone longed for change. Everyone wanted to be big, rich, successful and well-known. Fast-forward to now. I am 36 years old, making a run for it all. Business… personal training, coaching, international businessImage (importing/exporting), things are really jumping off. Recently, I have had a time where my tight-rope act has given way. Either tiredness or time constraints have limited things. But I keep pressing on… as Frost so elequently put it… life goes on. And I couldn’t agree more. It is the middle of October already. And it is gonna be a BAD winter in the midwest, if not the whole country. I see the needs, I know what  want… I know it can be done. I stay praying and vigilant because I know success comes to them who continue on.  CHANGE…. we have it. It is a part of life… What will we do with it? Hopefully a better job than what we did with it the last time we had change come our way.


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