Back Like A Vertebrae

It has been way too long… I have relocated out West, my daughter was born (August 2012), lotsa things have gone on. Lots and lots of moronic crap has taken place. I get hurt, get fat, etc… I am once again dealing with losing the weight, finding work, etc. Blogging does keep me busy and allows me to say and do things that I probably couldn’t before. That pec injury was really something. I am getting the strength back slowly (a goal for 2012 was to bench 750 lbs- and I probably would have did it if I didn’t get hurt). Oregon is not a bad place. I can say CULTURE SHOCK. As you all know, every region has it’s own distinctness, I dare say its own spirit. We all have struggles, things we have to adjust to, get used to, etc… In this time, I am excited over some recent developments– I may have found someone willing to take on Magna International… to help with its growth and development… I have run into so many scammers, naysayers, idiots and losers over the past 8 months… so few people will help you in your endeavors, so many will point the finger and try to discourage you from your dreams. I have had it happen. To the point where people were telling me to my face that my dreams are worthless and I should basically bow down to them, all that nonsense. It doesn’t necessarily make me more hungry… it makes me more resistant to certain types of people, and more resolute to see this thing through to completion. It has been a very interesting 10 months since I last posted…


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