Far Beyond Driven

Yes, this is the title of the greatest American metal band (Pantera)… but in this case, FBD is all about drive, determination and vision. Today, I had a lot of crap to deal with… it is what it is dealing with marriage… but I soon saw that I have a lot to be thankful for… around 1PM I was uplifted… when I prayed… I made sure I forgot the tirades, the insults, the demands, the foolishness… you get that in marriage. There comes a time when you HAVE to stand up and reject any notion other than complete dominance (dominate is my favorite word in the English language) I am more confident, more resolute that I will not slip, fall or fade in my quest to become the me that I dream about… and we all know when you aspire to greatness, adversity comes in all forms- especially in the form of family. We must realize how many people have overcome this obstacle, and became great in spite of this… we must realize that there have been too many dreams left unrealized due to unfinished missions… Christ Himself talked of it when He referred to trials and tribulations… be of good cheer, I have overcome the world (John 16:33). Yes, I am of the Christian persuasion (it’s a lifestyle, a relationship, not a religion)… but those of you who may be agnostic, atheist, whatever… can learn from this… bad times come… but are you gonna fold and bow down to these things, or are you going to rise above them and become something… It is imperative that we as people summon up courage, strength, audacity and gall to rise above all these obstacles… In every relationship, kind of relationship… there are disagreements and times where you will encounter hardship. Never be afraid to stand alone in something. Never be afraid to stand for something… I am regaled to a saying that fits- let em eat cake… they (the haters, the ones giving you hell, making you miserable) will get theirs in due time… YOU, on the other hand, must remember to be better, rise above, and never ever give up or give in. This is your life, make sure that you aren’t a means to an end.


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