Pharma versus Natural… My Take

A lot has been made about steroids… how it is breaking some obscure code on ethics… this in an era of lowered morality, lowered everything. In my view, the debate is stupid, foolish and dumb. You never hear that about sex… old men who can’t get it up, who can’t last, etc… they are directed to pills, topical creams, and all that… nobody wants to hear about changing their diets, getting more active, etc… that will actually restore their libido and their sex drive. Back to my original topic… we live in an era where everyone wants instant gratification. My original topic is about bodybuilding, staying in shape naturally (what lots of people are catching on to), or be a walking medicine chest. I seriously have no problem with those who are on the “juice”. What difference does it make? I guess in 2013 America, only drugs like weed, cocaine smack and all that are acceptable. Booze, hard living is okay, but people who lift, who use roids, prohormones, anything other what some sports group, sports network may say is deemed bad. What a crock. It is silly to me how people can try and pull the BS card on people who use roids, as opposed to them who smoke, drink, and live a hard life. Those who are disciplined enough to use the pharma by the directions, to have a clean lifestyle, to be responsible… versus the natural lifters/athletes, who usually don’t use anything (ok, maybe a multivitamin at the most). I have had this debate over the years, and it never fails… people cannot see just how silly their ant-pharma argument is… at the same time they are for any and everything else under the sun, especially when it comes to sex, dope and booze. My take on it all is what difference does it make… you are achieving the desired results, no matter which way you go.


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