Have you ever felt like you are on the edge of discovering something you have always wanted from life, no matter how fouled up things are around you? That’s the way I feel. In less than a week, Magna International will go LIVE. It will be incorporated, able to sell, recruit, and BE #thetakeover I have been talking about since November of last year. I am so happy, anxious, all of that. I am ready to get it on… This fitness world has seen nothing like us. We are committed to this campaign. I am the last guy to toot my own horn (not from a humilitous standpoint, but being self-aggrandizing does you no good anyways), but it’s been along time coming. I cannot wait to start thisup. Haters, doubters, naysayers, be damned! In closing, I will quote Marcus Garvey (Black Star Line, 1910s/20s): ARISE YE MIGHTY RACE (in this case, I say HUMAN RACE)!!! Ye will accomplish what ye will.Image


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