Right Here, Right Now

I have recently started more brainstorming. More working out. More dreaming of the business we are building. It has become very apparent to me, as more research of the industry I do, the more I see shiny, glossy, gimmicky CRAP being pushed out. If this continues, there will be the same skepticism of gyms, fitness trainers and personal trainers as there are of used car salesmen and Republicans. The gimmickry has to stop. I for one an making a declaration right here, right now. I will never be in favor of any lame gimmicks. ImageI am all for marketing, but when you see all the nonsense being peddled and pawned off as fitness, it can make you dyspeptic as it does me. I am as serious as a heart attack on this one, and I am generalizing. There is no way I will attach my name, my company to gimmicks and tricks. I am all for truth in advertising, and making sure the customer gets what they came for. I am all for making LOTS of money… every turn I see dancing being pawned off as training, gadgets that didn’t work the last decade they were introduced, now being snapped up by a very naive, very inattentive populace that wants INSTANT GRATIFICATION. Why is fitness so popular when it looks as if there is more of the fast life being sold than actual fitness and discipline? It is sickening. My company, Magna International, was founded on the concept of CHANGING THE FITNESS INDUSTRY. Honesty, Integrity, HARD WORK, Grit, DETERMINATION is the name of the game here. The overall slickness of most fitness campaigns, compared to what they “deliver” is appalling in my eyes. I am not one bit pleased with what I see every day on TV… and this is the model of fitness that is consumed worldwide by the people… we can do much better than this!!! It is imperative that it starts somewhere… this is no “revolution”… that term is just as worn out as “unleashed’ and all the other trendy catchphrases that are used ad nauseum in fitness marketing today. Image In my humble opinion, there is really nothing that can be done about it. My idea to change the fitness industry will be a long shot… To be honest, I expect lots of blowback because my ideas will challenge every gym owner, every personal trainer, every person who profits off of the present fitness paradigm. I am straight from the shoulder when I am saying these things. My ideas represent a powershift and a call to action for the fitness industry. This is something sorely needed. My ideas will work, because they are customer-focused, customer-driven… and THEY WORK!!! It is good old-fashioned hard work, discipline. The rewards come better and are sweeter once you take away all the tinsel, all the superfluous junk that accompany fitness and exercise today. Now with that out the way… Magna International is not just a company… it is an state of being, a state of mind. I have seen gimmicks so many times… like one “free gym” that was being run. The owners, as slick oil salesmen that they were, offered membership for an outrageous price, enlisting them as some activist street team, and really was just more or less con artistry. I got wise to is and left promptly… the main thing that got me was the level of arrogance they had, like they were the end-all be-all of fitness. Guys like that rip off people and they are praised. It is time to put an end to this foolishness. Magna International will never rip you off. We will never make any promises we cannot keep, and we certainly will never show up in dreadlocks, sagging skinny jeans and quoting garbage “rappers” such as Drake (LOL). There is an element of accountability that this company has, and we will project that with our clientele. We will change this industry or be a shining light in it as the rest of it falls into the abyss of abject foolishness.Image 


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