I am having moderate success with my quest to get back in shape… 6 miles ran in 45 min… not too shabby. I also have to speak on this… why is everybody fake these days? It’s like people are fake as hell. I am floored at the depths of the shallowness and arrogance of most people these days. I look at it like I look at everything else… it is what it is. It is sickening, disgusting and foolish. I have complete abhorrance and hatred for those who come across like that. They have nothing to prove to me as far as anything goes… the arrogance just throws me off. It puts me in a weird space sometimes… how can people who have never really accomplished anything other than looking a certain way be so high and mighty… now far be it for me, being a country boy from Georgia… I must be lacking in some kind of mental faculty. Either that or these people I see are the most disconnected from reality that I have ever seen. Political ramblings aside, most folk I see nowadays are simply wed to what they see and hear. I happen to question things to a degree… analyze them… research them… THEN I feel I can make a truthful unbiased opinion. The scene that I see in 2013-14 is atrocious… this is not a political blog, so I will spare you the bluster LOL.

What does this have to do with fitness? EVERYTHING. Never have I seen a rabble, a glut of people who know so little, accomplished so little and are of such low personal integrity be worldbeaters in their own minds. Such fakeness is nauseating. And THAT is what is in the fitness world. Gimmickry, a loser attitude… no substance to the swagger. It just may be because I am from the old school, where you not only had to “show and prove” your talents, but you also went through a probation period where you were grilled and scrutinized on your knowledge and commitment to making people’s lives better. Now it is just a lot of fakeness, plastic personalities, insincerities, loser attitudes… these things show when the SHTF. The stuff that makes up a person… it’s not being taught… only fun, frivolity, stupidity, a false morality and overall junk is pushed. The nation as a whole is hurting because of it…. lack of leadership, lack of real people who stand for something besides what will garner them popularity and money.

I do feel somewhat bad for a lot of the fitness community… it’s like a dissertation, a “fluffer” for their ego instead of a way of life. For me, it has been a dream of mine since the first time I saw Hulk Hogan flex in the 80s… Schwarzenegger, Haney, Bannout, Dickerson, Weider, Warrior, Hercules Hernandez, Ken Patera… plus Denise Austin and Joanie Greggans (sp). These people did inspire me, plus my natural heart for others has driven me through life, always wanting to make things better for people.

Thanks for reading my soapbox…


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