I recently took a fitness test… I am so out of shape it is not even funny. I made up in my mind to “do better”… to the tune of a mileage average of between 6-11 miles per day. I am laying off the weights until I get my pec and shoulder fixed (I tore my left pec last year in a bench press competition… would won the whole thing if I didn’t get hurt). I am looking forward to doing what needs to be done. I got nine miles of cardio on Friday. I wasn’t “zombiefied” as the wife likes to call it… I just believe that if you’re not good and tired, sweaty and euphoric over the workout, you were not trying hard enough.

I remember when I was in the Active Army, in early 2010… I was taking a PT test… I got all into it… I try to prove a point to myself, being the competitor I am, I got so into it, I was yelling, screaming, according to the rest of the sergeants and onlookers. We were on a big field and a track. I didn’t even know it…

The question I have for all of you (and the whole point of this article) is to tell these little stories… and to ask you… WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS…. ARE YOU COMMITTED TO SEE THEM THROUGH…


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