Recently, I have committed to the run (sorry about the AMERICAN FOOTBALL analogy). I am getting between 10-15 miles per day. I am feeling great, and looking good. I plan on keeping up with this and making it all happen in 2014. As far as everything else goes, I am still at an impasse, hence the long gaps in my blog posts. I refuse to give up, since I am so close in everything I have set up. Cornerstone isn’t going anywhere. We are here to stay. I am certainly not going to allow my ideas (which do work) to be killed because of naysayers and skeptics who fear competition. I back up what I say- none of these fools have. When it is said and done, you all will see.

Whether you forget me, Cornerstone, that’s neither here nor there. Just take in the wisdom I lay down each blog post. The workouts, the regimens, the various deals that are coming. You will never, ever be disappointed when coming to this site.Image


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