Recently I was at work. For those of you following the blog, I have not been in the best of health in the past 24-28 months. As late as August 2013, I was basically a bloated whale, reaching a weight of 286 lbs. It was like everything was falling apart. Lots of things in my life were in disarray. From my business endeavors to even my marriage. In this life we know things ebb and flow, from bad to worse at times. It has been a long road, but I am now seeing daylight. I am down to 235 lbs now. I am going hard after everything that is important to me, like living life to the fullest (my faith in Christ, my work, achieving my destiny), my kids, loving my family, establishing roots out West, establishing pride in the BATES name (BATES is: Believe Achieve Total Excellence and Success). At times, I can see, feel and hear it plain as day. It’s almost like I am walking in the clouds, seeing myself do these things.

I am healing up nicely, for the first time in a long time, I am able to hold my own physically as well as mentally and spiritually. This started a while back, around late December 2013. These things take time. I am calling it a comeback. This is something a couple of years ago, I would not be writing about.


8 thoughts on “DO CALL IT A COMEBACK

  1. Glad you are doing better Kente! But in the selfie you need to move your fingers! Hiding your face. 😉

    • @300poundfitnesscoach: Weight, size and strength has been an issue for me for most of my life. I’m one of those guys who it’s REALLY easy to gain weight (because I am naturally strong). To lose weight, I have to lay off the weights. i get accused of being on the juice a lot (LOL) though I haven’t touched a weight in months. I literally have to consciously not touch weights to lose weight.

      • That doesn’t offend. To answer your question, it’s mostly subcutaneous fat and water. Overall size, yes. I have had to give up some muscle size (think losing arm, chest, back , leg and neck size). Since I am close to the big 4-0, I have accepted the fact that I have to train differently, eat differently, etc.

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