I recently read the article about American children getting a D- as far as physical fitness is concerned. That is INEXCUSABLE in my book. The United States of America is turning into a parody of itself. Yes, we have the best technological advancements. But look at the health of the nation. Now it is widely reported (erroneously) that the U.S. is the fattest nation (when it’s Saudi Arabia- rich oil countries who follow the sharia don’t work out or eat healthy) on Earth. The U.S. is in the top 5 as far as girth of nations go. This is not a good look, as our nation already is looked at as a gaggle of slovenly, idiotic jerks who hoard everything (it’s not true, but that’s the perception). We all know what the solution is. Most of us don’t want to work out ourselves, let alone get their kids, nieces and nephews active. Laziness is a killer. As stated in Proverbs 6:9-11, sluggards get nothing done, and will be looking dumb when it comes harvest time (paraphrasing scripture). In this case, look at the rates of diseases skyrocketing in our times.


1) Diabetes

2) High Blood Pressure

3) Stroke (yes, teens do have strokes these days)

4) Asthma

This is not a complete list, but you all get the idea. According to the American Psychological Association’s July 2012 edition of CYF News talked of the psychological complications of obesity among teenaged girls. I couldn’t agree more. Fat shaming, the 24/7 media mantra of physical perfection amongst other stimuli drives a lot of young women and teenage girls out of their minds.


For those of you who have been reading this blog for a while, you have maybe noticed the absence of any discussion of teenagers and children. At the outset of this blog, this fitness business idea we called “Cornerstone Nutriceuticals” was primarily for adults. I now recognize through intensive study and research that the youth are suffering. They are suffering from the complications and consequences associated with inactivity (though a lot of this has to do with socioeconomic status), eating habits, and so on. What will it take to fix this? I can honestly say that I am not a guru of any sort. I don’t have all the answers. However, I do have a few ideas on how we can make it better.

1) Take the media to task for indoctrinating kids on life. Since television is fantasy (reality shows are scripted, don’t kid yourselves), why should what the adman puts on the boob tube be taken as gospel? The tv people always want to point at personal responsibility and parenting styles as a shaming tactic to shut their critics down. In my view, it starts with entertainment. The power of television is way more powerful than any of us realize.

2) People must become the change they want to see. Back in the early 2000s, I was close to 300 lbs. My life was spinning out of control, running with the wrong crowd. I woke up, changed my life. In 15 months, I went from 289 lbs (August 2002) down to 161 lbs (November 2004). This was done through a calorie-controlled diet (less than 1000 calories per day), 2 workouts a day. A life transformation happened. So this must happen for individuals as a whole. Government programs are not going to help this, only the determination of the individual.

3) Determination must be taught again. In our instant-gratification driven nation, who wants to wait for anything? Who wants to have to work for things? The old-school frame of mind must be taught again.

In closing, this is a disgrace that we have fat kids running around, suffering from adult diseases. Without getting into too much of the socioeconomical discussion, there really needs to be an emphasis on duty, responsibility and honor, and not instant gratification and materialism.


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