Fitness: My Story

This one guys, is not a repost, not some opinion or any of that. This one is strictly me. I remember being a short, skinny kid in West Georgia (LaGrange), the sticks. The first time I saw WWF, NWA. Seeing those wrestlers inspired me. I had always wanted to get big like Tony Atlas, Hulk Hogan (when old boy was on the juice), Rick Rude, Randy Savage, etc. I would watch Jack LaLanne, Denise Austin, all those old ESPN fitness shows (late 80s-late 90s) like Bodyshaping (I miss that show). As I grew in High School (GO GRANGERS), 1993-94 year, I grew from 4-9 to 5-8 that summer, I started realizing I was pretty good at sports, though not mentally tough enough at that point to play team sports (basketball, baseball, football). I started looking at training others. I was pretty quick, knowledgable about working out, lifting weights, etc. In college (1995-96), I started looking at personal training when I fell out of love with team sports. Tried to walk-on as a baseball player, didn’t work out. I got told to my face “You can’t play college baseball”. Turns out it was the best news I ever got. I got more longevity in molding and shaping others, rather than being an athlete. After that, was about 6-7 years of working, depression, etc. THE GYM SAVED MY LIFE. Once I came back from the brink (tried suicide 3 times, I am not ashamed to say it- suicide is a cop-out, don’t do it), I would work out FOUR HOURS DAILY, SIX DAYS A WEEK. Powerlifting. In about 8 months, I transformed myself from 331 lbs (at a 5-11 frame) of fat into a 260 lb monster. At the age of 22, was benching 395, squatting 760 (quit freesquatting in 1999 due to almost tearing my hamstring off the bone). Fast forward a few years. I was 291 lbs. I went vegetarian (2002-03). Calorie-controlled diet (less than 1000 calories a day, drank RTD protein shakes to make up difference), worked out twice daily (running, light weights in the mornings before work, after work heavy weights after bills, all that). Ran so much, I literally ran the adidas shoes I had off my feet (yes, I’m an adidas guy). I also kept experimenting with supplements, prohormones, the whole nines. D-bol, Winstrol, Tribulus Terrestris, etc. YES, I HAVE DONE STEROIDS. NO, I AM NOT ASHAMED OF IT. The way I figure it, in a country like ours, that celebrates drug use (especially weed), hard living- that this bias against roids is pure garbage. As I have gotten older, I do realize the importance of physical fitness in my future. I am approaching 40 now, and I still have the same wide-eyed idealism towards the fitness industry as I once did back in the late 1990s/early 2000s.

I see the future bright for the fitness industry, though it will almost be all online. I do see a lot of changes coming to it through legislation (the ACA/”obamacare” or “kennedycare” as I call it), taxation and various other dealings. I see tremendous opportunities in the USA, though the United States will change from what we know it to be in the past. Fitness should be a worldwide deal. I intend to bring that to the world with what I call INITIATIVE 2030. My fitness business model in at least 15 countries by the summer of 2030.

In closing, fitness has always been a part of my life. It has helped mold and shape me into who I am, and how I see life.


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