2015 Top 10 Fitness Trends

1. Bodyweight training: Bodyweight training is an economical and time-saving optionbecause the moves can be done anywhere. Squats while you brush your teeth? Sure! Plank while you’re waiting for water to boil? Why not! Try these 6 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Bodyweight Workout.

2. HIIT: HIIT workouts alternate between short but intense bursts of activity followed by periods of rest or low-intensity moves, and an an entire workout can usually be done in under 30 minutes. Want to change up your HIIT routine? See A New Way to Do HIIT!

3. Educated and experienced fitness professionals: Exercising under the supervision of a certified professional remains important to many exercisers in 2015, and the industry continues to grow, with more people entering the fitness field and becoming accredited to coach and instruct others. Thinking about getting a certification? Find out The No. 1 Myth About Being a Personal Trainer.

4. Strength training: Strength training can be added to most workouts to improve or maintain strength, but the benefits go beyond the gym. Weight training can help everything from your mood to your memory. See 3 Tips to Amp Up Your Weight Training Workout.

5. Personal training: Realizing that one workout doesn’t always fit all, many people are turning to personal training to get exercises individually tailored to meet their goals. While it can be expensive, for some, having a personal trainer is the motivating factor they need to get to the gym. Need convincing? Here are 10 Reasons You Should Workout With a Personal Trainer.

6. Exercise and weight loss: Fitness industry pros and exercisers alike are getting more serious about nutrition—in 2015, the exercise-diet link will come full circle, industry insiders predict. For lasting health and weight loss, both components are necessary. Luckily, we’ve gotFat-Burning Foods To Fuel Your Workout and 10 New Foods That Power Up Your Workout!

7. Yoga: Think yoga is just about tight pants, wheatgrass shakes and a whole lot of downward facing dog? The various types of yoga including Power Yoga, Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, and Hatha, offer a wide range of benefits you probably didn’t realize. Find out the 6 Hidden Health Benefits of Yoga and see 5 Crazy Cool Yoga Classes to Check Out for a class to fit your personality.

8. Fitness programs for older adults: With more research coming out all the time about the benefits exercise can have as you age, specialized workouts for older individuals are on the rise. We love that people are realizing exercise can be done at any age and any ability. Ready for a workout to help you look and feel younger? Try The Anti-Aging Workout.

9. Functional fitness: One of the great things about being physically fit is how easy everydayactivities that used to seem difficult feel when you have more muscle and less fat (think: carrying a heavy basket of laundry down the steps, or lifting your suitcase into the overhead compartment). That’s where functional fitness comes in: training that will make your life easier. Get in on the trend with these 7 Functional Fitness Exercises.

10. Group personal training: Want to save money, socialize with friends, and still get a good workout? Think about putting together a group of friends and getting a personal trainer to work with your group. You’ll get individualized attention without the price tag, plus you’ll be more motivated to go to the gym knowing there is a supportive group of buds waiting for you.


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