I recently read about a new health/wellness concept on one of my Linked-In groups. It’s called 6P, short for 1) Preventive 2) Personalized 3) Proactive 4) Personalized 5) Positive 6) Persevering Paradigm of health and wellness. In my opinion, this is something that would work. I really like this idea, because you can help so many with this. My hat’s off to you, Avigail Berg-Panitz, MA, for coming up with this. I’m mad I didn’t think of this first LOL!! I want all of you out there to read this and comment on this if you like. Maybe you can see what I see with this. It’s great. Read up, comment, subscribe. Without further ado, here is the article:

There is a worldwide health and medical paradigms acceptance of viewing the body as structural and functional systems and sub systems. Over the years, western medical professionals, narrowed their expertise to sub, sub, sub systems, as result of accumulated research and know-how in specific body parts and systems. Could it be that that approach, have led, to neglecting “the overall picture” – the holistic personalized bodymind medical observation?

How about adopting a new integrative wellness and health paradigm, I call 6P: Preventive, Personalized, Proactive, Positive, Persevering wellness&health Paradigm?

This 6p new paradigm would:

  1. Include multidisciplinary dialogue of health and wellness experts to diagnose and decide what will be the best path to personal recovery.
  2. You as a patient, will take active role in the healing process and will give input and feedback in the dialogue of finding the right path for you.
  3. You will decide which integrative wellness and health experts will join the forum.
  4. Integrative ,alternative and holistic modalities will be offered to reduce pain, stress, insomnia, anxiety and depression before prescribing pills and drugs as a solution.
  5. Hospitals as we know them today, will be converted to integrative healing community centers. There will be centers for urgent care, operation centers, and diagnostic centers that will match multidisciplinary integrative paradigms. The integrative community centers will be designed as Healing Wellness Centers in nature. Holistic workshops in the following topics will take place in the centers:
    1. What do you brain cells like to eat for breakfast
    2. What is BodyMind Balance?
    3. How do you improve your sleep quality?
    4. Manifest your creativity, innovation and self-growth
    5. Write your life journey journal and upload it to the clouds for ever
    6. Find the right modality to reduce stress, daily
    7. Enjoy physical exercises in nature
    8. Exploring perception in a multidisciplinary way
    9. 6p – wellness life style
  6. There will be SilentSoundSpace– to recharge vitality and reduce stress for staff, clients and visitors.
  7. Mentors from the centers will continue to facilitate people for 6P healthy lifestyle, when they are out of the center and back at home.
  8. Health Insurance companies will support 6P because it will save them a lot of money. Why?… because people will be less sick

What do you say?


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