One of the best workouts I have ever done…

Size Surge Routine II
Every other Day Split

Workout 1

Midrange: Squats* 2×7-9
Stretch: Sissy squats 1×7-9
Contracted: Leg extensions 2×7-9

Midrange and Stretch: Stiff-legged deadlifts 2×7-9
Contracted: 2×7-9

Midrange: Toes-pointed leg curls 1×7-9
Stretch: Donkey calf raises 1×12-18
Contracted: Standing calf raises 2x 12-18

Upper chest
Midrange: Incline presses* 1×7-9
Stretch & Contracted: Incline cable flyes 1×7-9

Lower chest
Midrange: Bench presses* 2×7-9
Stretch & Contracted: Decline cable flyes 1×7-9

Midrange: Lying triceps extensions 2×7-9
Stretch: Overhead extensions 1×7-9
Contracted: Dumbbell kickbacks 1×7-9

Workout 2

Midrange: Behind-the-kneck pulldowns* 2×7-9
Stretch: One-arm dumbbell rows 1×7-9
Contracted: Bent-over bent-arm laterals 2×7-9

Midrange: Pulldowns to the front* 2-7-9
Stretch: Dumbbell pullovers 1×7-9
Contracted: Undergrip bent-over rows 1×7-9

Upper traps
Stretch & Contracted: Forward-lean shrugs 2×7-9

Midrange:Behind-the-kneck presses* 2×7-9
Stretch: Incline one arm-laterals 1×7-9
Contracted: Lateral raises 2×7-9

Midrange: Barbell curls* 2×7-9
Stretch: Incline dumbbell curls 1×7-9
Contracted: Nonsupport concentration curls 1×7-9

Midrange & Lower Contracted: Reverse crunches 1×7-9
Stretch: Roman chair crunches 1×7-9
Upper Contracted: Crunches 1×12-18

* Do one to two light warmup sets with about 50 percent of your work weight on the first set and 70 percent on the second prior to your two work sets.


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