The Brutal Truth on Brute Force and Strength bka Big Man’s Burden

I am a big guy for my height (5-11 245 lbs). Being a big guy has a LOT of advantages. You’re less likely to get punked by anybody. You are also the one they call when someone needs a “problem solver”. On the other hand, just like with everything else in life, being big has drawbacks:

1) The latest styles look ridiculous on you, like somebody took a tent and screenprinted a design on it for you

2) You tend to get looked at as aggressive and slow. Almost beastlike in someways. In someways it is a compliment and a complement to your attitude and ego.

3) Those joints start hurting after a while.

Okay, enough of my ranting against being big… Here are 5 simple lifts for power and strength:

1) Bench Press- the grandaddy of em all… what man (or woman) doesn’t want a nice strong bench press?

2) Overhead/Military Press- One of the best overall growth exercises there is.

3) Squat- Power, pure power.

4) Barbell Row- If it’s good enough for every bodybuilder and pro athlete since time began, it’s good enough for you.

5) Deadlift- Want a nice strong back from top to bottom? Get with this one. Form over poundages will prevent debilitating injuries.


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