Here’s some honesty: What’s more Important?

In my lifetime, I certainly seen my share of stupid mistakes, kowtowing, acquiescing and failure. Now, we all have been taught that these things are things to avoid. But what really are these aforementioned conditions? TEMPORARY SETBACKS AND LEARNING/GROWTH OPPORTUNITIES. For most of us, life can hit us from the blindside and we didn’t see it coming. We fall down, we pull a stupid face and flinch while succumbing to the fear and weakness. We all have done it. In my example, it sent me into a tailspin, throwing me into a lifestyle I later regretted. The question remains, “What’s more important?” Is it comfort? Pleasure? Control? Whatever it may be, I can say as someone qualified to do so (by life) that these things must be endured if we are ever to see anything worth having. There are many books written about adversity, perseverance and success. One of my favorite writers, the first century theologian Paul of Tarses (b. AD 5- b.AD 67), wrote something I have held in my heart for years on this. He went onto say that “if you are not disciplined and cannot take the pressures of life/faith, then you’re fake, phony, illegitimate” (paraphrased). What I am trying to say is, the bad things of life happens to us all. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO /SAY ABOUT IT?

We must remember that this life we have is special. There’s only one you. There is a destiny you were created for. While it’s not my job to tell you what to do, tell you what it is, it is part of my job to encourage all of you readers/followers out there to go and pursue what makes you happy. Be sure that in whatever you do, it is for the right reasons and that get some kind of understanding of the things that you do (bka the method to your madness).

In closing, there must be a time of growth, expansion, even pain. I encourage all of you not to be so cautious as to live in fear of failure. You have this one life. Make it count.


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