This Needs to be Said

We all love a good story. Especially about those who are the underdogs… Rocky, Rudy to name two. What if I told you that YOU are the next comeback story? It’s true. This is no sales pitch. I truly believe that there are at least five of you who will read this and take the initiative to better yourself- either through this great site, or through some other means. It’s 2015 and we have so many distractions. On the other hand, so many of us have a lot to give, yet fail to cultivate, raise and protect it. Yes, life is hard. Our era (the 2010s) is rife with con artists, scam artists and those who live to destroy others. These people are what I call “Dream Thieves”. Some folks are on Earth just to destroy others. Sad, but that’s the way it is. Toxic relationships, bad employers, bad peers- dream thieves who will steal your dreams, dash your possibilities, and kill hope. If you don’t have hope, dreams you have NOTHING. I have seen it personally. Every new endeavor, every new level, comes new levels of doubt, hate and foolishness. At times, it is those closest to you who will bring you the most pain. I was in a relationship not too long ago that was like that. The girl didn’t believe in my dreams and was constantly crying about money, me getting a job (instead of chasing my dreams and goals), and placating her at every step. Yes, this is a departure from my usual fare, but I felt it needs to be said, in light of what I see with people, and from recent hate mail I been getting (yes, hate mail on a fitness site). I want to make the message clear: You are all capable of great things. But what price are you willing to pay? What is your threshhold/hang-up? Family expectations/opinions? Fear of failure? Fear of success (I heard a guy tell me that back in 2003)? It’s sad to see people not fulfill their destinies. I remember being accused of being a scam artist online back in 2013 several times (mind you I was fundraising on several platforms, even offering equity in the company in lieu of funds). Sorry for the extraneous information, but I used that to prove a point. I didn’t quit. Now I am very close to making that dream a reality. In closing, I urge all of you not to allow this world to dim the light inside you. God-given talent should never be dulled, blunted or given away.


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