Why Do We Do the Things We Do

Hello world, I know it’s been a while. Just a quick one here. Why do we do the things that we do? Simple: We at Cornerstone (and its parent company Magna International) is all about enriching life, defeating death and bringing a lifestyle of victory to all. For us not to be on the side of right in the battle against obesity, poverty, willful ignorance is disquieting at best. We want everyone to be happy, healthy and wise. Happy as a result of informed, well-thought out, full disclosure type decisions. Healthy as a result of choosing the best food to eat, best exercises, best of everything having to do with fitness and wellness. From our POV, knowledge is power. Hence why we love to instruct, teach, enlighten and inform. Lastly, wise due to the choices made, the mindsets that are forged and strongholds broken from making well-informed decisions. The daily victories due to a mindset of conquering life instead of allowing life to destroy them.

In closing, we want to thank all who support us by reading this blog, our facebook page, our twitter page and soon our app. You, the people, are the reason we exist. We love people and we want to see all of you succeed in your endeavors.


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