Yes, today is July 4th. For those of you reading this in the United States… 239 years ago, a ragtag crew of men rose up and brought the preeminent power of the time (England) to its knees and formed its own nation based on self-government, taxation with representation. I ask you to remember the reason for this holiday (and it’s not fireworks, parades, barbeques and adult beverages).

On the fitness side, I challenge each and every one of you to declare your independence from habits, modes of thinking that keep you from being THE best (always aspire to be THE best, not the best you can be). What if, a year from now, you are able to look back and smile, knowing you eliminated the stuff that has held you back for so long? To look back and KNOW that you are the real thing, not just another poser that is either smiling or mean-mugging on Instagram or Tumblr.

Declare your INDEPENDENCE DAY. Make this your time of transformation. In closing, if there’s anything you ever learned from me, it’s this: Be whatever you want, but be the best.


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