Another workout is in- I feel great, I’m doing great, I’m looking good (as I’m sure most of you are out there), but I digress. So I’m going to get straight to the point here: how many of you are getting older, but feel like you’re 21 still? With me, I feel like I’m 21 right now (though the calendar says otherwise LOL). I have no problem with getting older. In fact, I dare say it’s a blessing. I still maintain that the NBA Finals are rigged… you have your health, you have EVERYTHING!!! It’s a cold year this summer 2016. Here in beau-tiful Portland, OR, it’s about 10 degrees cooler than normal (though Summer 2015 was about as hot and humid as any I ever spent in Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana and Korea)…. ELECTION SEASON IS COMING… We know the saying about opinions (and I promise I won’t give you an anatomy lesson on that one)… Rich Piana… 375-lb dumbbell row… look it up.

Ask anyone who knows me, I can be as random as they come… I know this was a departure from my usual work (topical, somewhat serious, sometimes controversial), but with my endorphins kicking in (and my legs not bugging me as they have the past few days), I got a wild hair up my nose and I started writing. I leave you with this: Never ever waste a day. It’s a crime against yourself.


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