Top 5 Fitness Trends for 2017

Yes, it’s the new year. time for my annual fitness trends line-up. For 2017, it’s interesting enough (with the sustained popularity of MMA and Crossfit, you know people will be gutting it out, channeling their inner MMA fighter LOL). Without further adieu, here is the list:

1) Trading SUVs for steps.

Millenials are walking more than using any other mode of transportation, according to a study by the American Public Transportation Association. What does that mean for fitness? More exercise logged during traveling and commuting, and less time spent on the treadmill in the gym.

2) Specialized Sports Studios.

ACE predicts that more and more studios and gyms will align with pro sports leagues so you can train like your favorite athletes—whether they’re traditional (read: football and basketball) or up-and-coming (like Spartan or MMA). Equipment brands like StairMaster have aligned with specific brands too (check out their Spartan race training machine).UFC Gyms create a workout atmosphere similar to a training facility for MMA fighters. Other studios like Epic Hybrid Training specialize in prepping for a Spartan or other obstacle races ).

3) More and more people are streaming their entertainment (hi, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO NOW subscriptions)—so why should workouts be any different? Gone are the days of repeating the same workout DVD for days on end. Now, workout-on-demand streaming options not only offer a variety of workouts at the click of a button, but you can take live classes in real-time with real instructors too. Take the cycling studio Peloton, for example, which allows you to stream a live class directly from one of their studios, or the Facebook Live workouts you can do along with the #ShapeSquad

4) If you’re a ClassPass convert or prefer to take your spin classes at one boutique, your yoga classes at another, and your HIIT classes at a third location, you understand the lure of the studio atmosphere. But if the elimination of the Unlimited ClassPass membership has you re-thinking your choice, there’s good news: Big-box gyms are noticing the studio craze and are trying to create a studio-within-a-gym feel in their own locations. According to ACE, more and more health clubs are creating separate spaces for studio-style classes—but you probably already noticed the upgraded spin bikes and new turf area in your gym.

5) Using your Tracker for healthcare saving$

In March 2016, UnitedHealthcare announced a wellness program that offered a financial incentive for staying active, as verified by an activity tracker. This is, hopefully, just the first of many companies to use new tracker tech to encourage healthy lifestyles and offer a bonus cash-money incentive for doing so.



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