2017’s Best Supplements for Men over 40

When a man hits the “Big 4-0”, things usually change drastically. His mind, as well as his body will either decline or change for the better in extraordinary ways. Through better health decisions, mainly diet, exercise and supplementation, a man can expect better results and a better quality of life for himself. Below are my recommendations for guys over 40 who are looking to better their health (at least through dietary supplementation). Don’t worry ladies, I will give a similar review for the year’s best supplements for women over 40 next article.

A Word of Caution

Though this is a definite list made by me, PLEASE use your best judgment, listen to your body and make sure you want to do this fellas. Do it for YOU. So here’s the list for 2017:

  • Multi-vitamin/multi-mineral combination. As I have been known to say, “the basics always win”. This combination is essential to replace any and all nutrients that are lacking in the American diet.
  • Fish Oil. If you use fish oil, use one with at least 2000 mg DHA and 3000 mg EPA. Fish Oil contains the essential Omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA.
  • Vitamin D3 in the CHOLECALCIFEROL form, 4000 IU. Vitamin D3 should be between 40 ng/ml and 80 ng/ml. To attain and maintain this level in the blood, most people will need to supplement with an additional 4000-5000 IU of Vitamin D3.
  • Hydrochloric Acid. IMPORTANT: Take at the beginning of your meal(s). GERD (or Gastroesophogeal Reflux Disease) or “heartburn” is due to the lack of hydrochloric acid (naturally decreases in the stomach as we age). The results of this are not only annoying, but harmful. Decreased digestion abilities, which in turn leads to decreased energy, even muscle atrophy seen in aging. This will also predispose you to decreased immune system functions (increased susceptibilities to upper respiratory illnesses, respiratory infections and even cancer (or at least a predisposition to cancer).
  • Arginine, ornithine and glutamine before bedtime (this encourages REM sleep, cell regeneration and Central Nervous System “reset”).


The basics always win. Note that there are no trendy supplements here. No NO2 boosters (though studies do show NO2 levels are important to overall health for men over 40), no steroids, any other weird concoctions. The basics of diet, exercise and some discipline will get the job done.


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