I am pleased to announce the addition of Periscope to the many ways you can see the Halcyon Fitness Group. Social media is indeed a great thing. I will probably start making more podcasts (on Spreaker) around August- I have not done a podcast since late December and I KNOW I’ve been slacking on that for sure. My writing is coming along… I have in progress THREE books (2 fiction, one nonfiction). The Digest: Your Road to Winning the Battle of the Bulge is sure to be a best-seller once it’s completed. This book, The Digest, in my view, will score with anyone and everyone who is looking to either read a good book, enhance their workouts via a book (a book of hard-won wisdom) or just to gain more knowledge.

Had an interview with Men’s Health magazine this morning… it’s still up in the air. Lots of things going on with me personally. Hope to have a few more scripts done (I also happen to be a comedy writer) by next weekend…

As you guys see (especially those who have been following me since day ONE), I am content with staying busy. Really, that’s all that’s going on with me.


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