Don’t Play It Small In 2020


With 2020 right around the corner, it is time to start (if you haven’t already) gearing up toward your goals.

First, let’s start at the beginning. If your pursuit of success has not been adding up the way you would like, it is because an essential ingredient is missing from the equation. 

For most, time mismanagement is the hidden suspect behind them not accomplishing their aims. For others, it is the inability to get their dreams out of their heads that prevents them from achieving their dreams. For another group, the absence of success is directly connected to the avoidance of execution or poorly executed strategies

Let us examine those three elements (time, written goals, execution) a bit closer. 

Time. As we all know, time is an inelastic and limited resource that expires every day. In essence, we have less time than we think. So how can we do…

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